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OpenFeature’s CNCF Incubation is a Big Deal

Big news: OpenFeature just made a major leap, being accepted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) for Incubation.
OpenFeature’s CNCF Incubation is a Big Deal

Big news: OpenFeature just made a major leap, being accepted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) for Incubation.

This isn't just a win for OpenFeature; it's a win for all of us in the feature flagging community and all development teams out there who rely on feature flagging as a core developer workflow tool.‍

Check out the announcement about OpenFeature's graduation to Incubation status over on the Cloud Native Computing Foundation blog.

OpenFeature is a project that's rapidly gaining attention and adoption in the feature flagging industry. Its core mission is to standardize the interface to feature flagging and experimentation across different platforms, languages, and providers. This standardization is crucial, as it brings a level of consistency and reliability previously unseen in the dynamic landscape of feature flagging.

Achieving incubation status within the CNCF is no small feat. It's a nod to OpenFeature's potential and its alignment with CNCF's mission to nurture cloud-native software. This boost in status means more eyes on OpenFeature, plus opportunities for more partnerships and resources, and innovation.

We at DevCycle are genuinely excited about this. In 2024, we're going all in on OpenFeature, integrating it across all the programming languages we support, and how we on-board all customers to DevCycle. We’re embracing OpenFeature and believe it will be a core part of our strategy to build the best feature flagging tools in the industry.

Read our recent press release about how DevCycle Reinforces its Commitment to the OpenFeature Ecosystem with the Launch of New Providers

‍The future of OpenFeature is looking bright. With standardization and strong community backing, we're expecting a surge in innovation in feature flagging. And we're not just talking small tweaks; we’re talking big strides like the Remote Evaluation Protocol, adding new client-side SDKs, and weaving OpenFeature into other tools and ecosystems. All this points to a more robust, flexible, and portable flagging experience.

The rise of OpenFeature is a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives. Its journey with CNCF is setting the stage for a new era for feature flagging, and we're here for it. With the commitment from DevCycle and others to support this new standard, we’re stepping into a future where feature flagging is easier to manage, more dependable, and more accessible.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into feature flags or you've been using them for years, there's room for you to help shape OpenFeature. Your code contributions, documentation enhancements, or integrating this standard into your projects – every bit counts. By joining forces, we can ensure that OpenFeature not only serves our current needs but also evolves to meet future demands.

As a community we can make feature flagging something that’s not just an effective developer workflow tool, but also a joy to use. Your insights, experiences, and contributions are the fuel that will drive this project's continuous innovation. Let's make some waves together!