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January 2024 Changelog

January 2024 Changelog
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Welcome to a new blog, email and stream series that our Product team is running that aims to highlight what our team has built each month. We're really excited to share all of the things that we're working on, and hope that anyone with an interest reaches out to share the features that they'd like to see us build.

If you find this content interesting and you'd like to follow along, or if you have requests for our team you can always check out our in-product changelog or submit your requests directly to our roadmap.

This month we have a great lineup of changes, from Audit Logs to interface improvements and various updates in-between. There's something for everyone in here so take a look at what our team has been up to.

Feature-Level Audit Logs

A Feature's Audit Log will allow you to see what changes were made, who made the changes, and when they occurred. In the case of an outage or incident within your application, we understand it's extremely important to know all changes to a system within a particular timeframe to help engineers resolve incidents and get to the root cause of an issue. Now, your team can see a change log of what’s happened within every feature's configuration, variables, and targeting over its lifetime.

Check out the docs to learn more about Audit Logs.

Audience Patch API

Previously, updating an audience using our Audience PATCH API required you to write the existing definition of an audience along with the updates or changes you wished to make. To make life easier for all of our users that modify Audiences via our API, we updated it to more easily add or remove individual IDs to existing Audiences without having to worry about overhead and override the entire Audience within an API call. By creating a proper semantic PATCH API, we hope to remove the difficulty of managing the process and reduce the risk of errors when updating Audiences!

If you haven't checked out the API for our Audiences, you can find the full API spec here.

Outbound Webhooks

Outbound Webhooks allows our users to build their own integrations that subscribe to Feature changes in DevCycle. Outbound webhooks triggers an event for any change made to any Feature. Use webhooks to update external ticket trackers, notify teammates of new features, targeting changes, and more.

And as a bit of a preview, Outbound Webhooks is being used as the building block for one of our most requested features, a Slack app.

Check out our docs on how to use Webhooks for your own integrations.

Updated onboarding flow/example apps

We introduced a new guided onboarding flow that is designed to get a new user of DevCycle up and running with the platform as quickly as possible. The goal is to get the majority of users to an a-ha moment in under 10 minutes, by guiding them through the installation and running of an example app, creation of a Variation, editing of Variable values and toggling Variations within Targeting Rules. This teaches new users the core fundamental concepts of DevCycle in just a few minutes.

Along with the new flow we introduced new Quickstart Docs as well as a fresh slate of example apps in our Labs Github repo.

SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance

We’re now SOC 2 Type 1 Compliant. Prescient Assurance (our auditors) have confirmed our compliance and attested our security controls/designs meet the standards required.

Check out the blog post announcing all the details. If you or anyone in your organization needs our SOC2 documentation feel free to reach out to your account manager for details.

Environment Status on Feature List Page

To provide more information about your Features at a glance, we've added a new Environments column on the Feature list table that shows which environments have targeting enabled for a particular Feature.

If targeting is enabled in multiple environments for a Feature, you can hover over the tag to see which environments are active.

Environment statuses on the Feature list page

📺 Check out the Feature Focus Stream for January 2024