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February 2024 Changelog

February 2024 Changelog
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Welcome to February's edition of our product changelog. We had updates both big and small to the platform in the rare 29 days of February. This month primarily featured some updates to our Lifecycle functionality, as well as some great work on our SDKs.

Feature Archiving

We’re excited to introduce Feature Archiving! A way to declutter your DevCycle dashboard and codebase by placing outdated Features in a read-only state while preserving their Audit Logs for review. A Feature should be archived after it has been cleaned up and its Variables removed from the codebase.

Feature Archiving is a progression of our Feature Lifecycle functionality and combined with Feature Completion and our Code Cleanup commands, work to make it just as easy to remove your flags as it is to create them.

For guides using Feature Archive check out our Feature and status docs pages.

Next.js SDK

We have always aimed to have best-in-class support for all of the languages and platforms we work with. Our native Next.js SDK is designed from the ground up to support the latest features of Next.js, allowing you to work on the bleeding edge with a seamless feature flagging experience.

A few key highlights of what to expect are:

  • Seamless Integration with App Router and Server Component Rendering: Our SDK works with the Next.js App Router, allowing you to flag features in Server Components.
  • Realtime Updates of Flag Configuration: Change your feature flag configurations in realtime and watch as your server- and client-rendered content updates dynamically.
  • Faster Performance with Static and Streaming Content: We've designed our SDK for lightning-fast page rendering, fully supporting static pages and streaming with Suspense.
  • Consistent Experience Across Server and Client: DevCycle ensures a unified set of flag values on both ends, maintaining server- and client-rendering coherence.
  • Local Evaluation of Flag Rules: Determine user-specific flag values locally on your backend for sub-millisecond evaluation times.

If you're interested in getting started with the native Next.js SDK check out the docs and the Github repo.

Market-Leading OpenFeature Support

Here at DevCycle we love OpenFeature and have been so excited to see the project progress over the past couple of years.

This month we have three updates to announce that reflect our passion for the OpenFeature project:

  1. We now have official providers for all OpenFeature languages. You can check out our OpenFeature docs here to find the provider that's right for you.
  2. We are the only OpenFeature provider with support built directly into our SDKs. All you have to do is use our getOpenFeatureProvider() method in any of our OpenFeature-supported SDKs.
  3. Our CTO, Jonathan Norris, was elected to the OpenFeature governance committee.

DevCycle is committed to helping drive the OpenFeature project forward, and these updates are just small steps in our long journey together.

Search for Features by Tag 🔎

As a part of a few improvements we’re making to our Feature list page, we’ve now added the ability to search for Feature by a tag. We hope this makes it easier to find specific features!

Searching by Tag on the Feature Page

Improved Dashboard Speed

Our team has been working behind the scenes to improve our core web vitals so page load times should be snappier now. We will continue to optimize our page performance to keep things as fast as possible!⚡

📺 Check out the Feature Focus Stream for February 2024