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April 2024 Changelog

April 2024 Changelog
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Spring is in the air and we've got our April edition of the monthly changelog for you. This month features a DevCycle App for Slack, one of our most requested features, along with quite a few other improvements. Check out the details below.

🧵 DevCycle App for Slack

We all love (and maybe sometimes hate) our feed channels in Slack. But regardless of how you feel about them they are an important part of joint team visibility and understanding of what's going on within your org.

With the DevCycle App for Slack you can now power a feature flag feed channel in Slack, by integrating DevCycle with your Slack workspace. This app gives you updates on all or some activity about your Features in DevCycle. You can customize notifications for specific projects or Features to keep your team aligned and informed without leaving Slack.

DevCycle App for Slack in action

For details on how to install and configure the DevCycle app for Slack check out our documentation.

🪆 Custom Property Usage Details

This one is just a nice quality of life improvement. It helps teams to gain visibility into how and where Custom Properties are used across Audiences and Features. This new functionality aims to provide further transparency into "what's running where", so you don't have to hunt down a custom property by going into Features or Audiences one-by-one.

Check out this new functionality for yourself right in your organization's settings.

🪜 Multi-Step Rollouts

It's not just that every team has different release strategies, it's also that most features require their own unique release process based on how risky the new functionality is.

With this in mind it's not sufficient that a feature flag platform just has the capability of scheduling when a flag is turned on, it needs to be flexible enough to gradually roll out a feature on whatever schedule the business requires. This is where Multi-Step rollouts comes in, whether you prefer a linear progression or discrete steps, you can now tailor the rollout phases to match your company's needs—perfect for confirming stability before a full launch.

Check out our docs on targeting and rollouts to learn more.

👩‍🎨 New Dashboard Design

We've revamped our main dashboard to make it more user-friendly and efficient. Quickly access features your team is working on, and enjoy the new structure designed to accommodate feature announcements and future tools like pending requests.

Log in to check it out, it's the first thing you'll see 😉

📺 Check out the Feature Focus Stream for April 2024