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March 2024 Changelog

March 2024 Changelog
Photo by Charles Tyler / Unsplash

The snow is melting and we've got a small but mighty set of new functionality for you this month.

🥷 Feature Obfuscation

Feature flags are often used to hide upcoming features before release. Normally, not showing the feature on a UI is enough to conceal it from users. However, in some cases, it may be important to ensure that no trace of the feature can be found in the code that is shipped to users. This is particularly important on the web, where end-users can easily see all the source code for the page. From that, intrepid users can often infer the nature of a feature they can't access, which may lead to sensitive or strategic information being leaked.

To prevent this, we created Feature Obfuscation, which allows you to obfuscate all the Variable keys used in your code in Web platforms (React, Next.js, Javascript etc.) to keep their names private! Next.js users can also take advantage of our SDK's Conditional Deferred Rendering feature, which will strip out any source code for features the user isn't eligible for, reducing bundle size while keeping the feature's details private.

Check out our docs on Feature Obfuscation to get started.

🎁 Native NestJS Support

By introducing native NestJS support we continue to progress our goal of providing the best possible experience to developers, whatever platform they are working on.

The NestJS wrapper for the Node.js SDK provides a DevCycle module that can run one instance of the DevCycle client throughout an app.

The NestJS SDK also includes parameter decorators and guards to provide a more seamless experience using DevCycle with NestJS, as well as mocks, making it easier to mock DevCycle variables in your tests.

If you're using NestJS in your application, check out our SDK docs to get started.